work-life Mindset in organizational behaviour!

work-life balance in organisational behaviour

• Think different
• Changing yourself
• Positive mindset
• Having high standards
• Develop a winning mindset
• Measuring your life
• Health and diet

Mindset-A mindset is a particular way of thinking or a frame of mind. Your mindset is your mental attitude or set of opinions that you have formed in your mind about something through experience, education, upbringing, or culture. You can have a mindset on a particular event, item, topic, or person.

  1. Think different

To think differently is to be bold in your choices and it is a mindset that needs to be adopted and a process that comes with practice. change does not happen overnight, and neither does being different. what is right and what is wrong is always changing. From our childhood we grow, we have always been told that this is good and this is bad. you need to come up with your right and wrong, you need to understand your priority and how you want to live your life.

  1. Changing yourself
    Change is hard, when you hold your identity very hard, it becomes difficult to change yourself, identify why you want to change your life, define the changes you want to make, identify things that may hold you back, learn new habits or skills, track your progress, create a routine. putting your goals into action. Changing what you do can ultimately lead to a change in how you perceive yourself overall.

3 . positive mindset
Having a positive outlook is a choice. You can choose to think thoughts that elevate your mood, By choosing to take a positive outlook on life, you can begin to shift out of a negative frame of mind and see life as filled with possibilities and solutions instead of worries and obstacles. You are solely responsible for your thoughts, and your outlook on life is a choice. If you tend to think negatively, you are choosing to think that way. With practice, you can choose to have a more positive outlook. “Positivity attracts positivity” is similar to “negativity attracts negativity”. If you are kind, nice, and helpful to people, you can expect the same treatment back. On the other hand, if you are rude, lacking in manners, and unkind to people, then people will not respect you and will avoid you because of your unattractive.

  1. Having high standards

Imagine yourself living your best life. Does that seem totally out of reach? If so, you may have been setting low standards for your life. Your standards are what you’ll accept for yourself, whether it’s how people treat you or the habits you keep. Luckily, you can raise your standards to help you change your life for the better. Reaching your career goals can feel challenging, especially when you’re just getting started. Don’t worry about all of the work you need to do. Instead, make a list of each small step you’ll need to take to reach your goal. Surround yourself with people who let you be yourself.

  1. Develop a winning mindset

Having a winning mindset means you believe that your intelligence, creative ability, and character are more than just what you’re born with. With this mindset, you can always work on increasing your intelligence and self-awareness, continually growing as a person. It can also help you to view failure in a different light, as it teaches you to treat everything that happens as a learning experience. It’s also equally important to know your challenges, so you can work on those areas. Listen when you do receive feedback from others, either solicited or unsolicited, as that will help you learn where you can grow. For example, if a friend says, “You’re starting another new project? What happened to the last one?” you may realize that you aren’t following through on your projects.
Give yourself credit for your effort and keep pushing further.

  1. Measuring your growth

When you’re trying to grow as a person, it’s natural to want to track your progress. Since everyone’s personal goals and values are different, it’s important to first determine what you’re measuring and working toward. Assess the areas of your life where you’d like to grow and improve, then set specific goals to help you achieve growth in those areas. As you work toward your goals, check in with yourself regularly to evaluate how you’re doing.

  1. Health and diet It can be hard to make time to care for your body, but if you take small steps to eat well and follow a healthy lifestyle, it will feel a lot easier to maintain your health. Try to eat several servings of fruits and veggies each day, as well as lean protein, and whole grains. It may be hard, but try to cut out fast food and junk food as much as possible, since these foods aren’t super nutritious. Exercise at least a few times a week to keep your blood pressure low and your heart healthy. It’s also important to cut out things like smoking and binge drinking, which can deteriorate your health. Make sure to go to your doctor for regular check-ups even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms. They’ll be able to make sure you’re healthy and on the right track to stay that way.

Types of mindset

 Fixed mindset –

Everyday experts who seek perfection and avoid failure, focus on reproducing what they know and believe their strengths are innate gifts that can’t be developed and focus on perfecting their abilities.
Growth mindset-
Everyday learners who seek growth and development, focus on improving how they do what they do and believe their strengths can be developed with efforts, reaching a higher level of achievement and ability.

 Benefit mindset-

Everyday leaders who seek to ‘be well’ and ‘do good’. Focus purposefully on why they do what they do and believe in developing their strengths and meaningfully contribute to a future of greater possibility.

The final thought
You can be the author of your own life. And changing your mindset is a step in the right direction.
Embrace a growth mindset. Practice it until it becomes a habit and the fixed mindset voice fades away.
Lead by example and show everyone around you how far a growth mindset can take them.

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