Self improvement tips in your day to day life

Self Improvement

  1. Learn about how to change your habits. Many life changes will require that you step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Learning about what to expect in advance can help make these habit changes easier. Look online and read a few books about how to change your habits or the process of stepping outside of your comfort zone.
    • For example, it can be helpful to know that forming a new habit generally takes about 66 days. Knowing this can help you maintain your resolve when things seem tough.
    To break a bad habit, you have to understand why you’re doing it. Most bad habits are done to relieve or avoid some type of discomfort or pain. If you can identify when and why you do something, you can more easily overcome it.
  2. Make goals. Simple. The best way to get things done is to decide you’re going to do it (and then to write it down and tell people about it). So these life improvements you’re about to make? Think of them as goals. Like New Year’s resolutions that don’t happen on New Year’s and stick and make you feel good.
    • Make them small, though. This life improvement stuff isn’t about setting yourself up for failure and thus becoming miserable and downtrodden. Make goals, but keep them small. Make a goal to work out 4 times this week instead of that lofty aspiration to lose 25 kg. Decide to do the dishes before they pile up. Get up right now and floss. It’ll never get done until you think about doing it!
  3. Write down specific and attainable goals. Keep your capabilities and limitations in mind when you’re setting goals for yourself. Make sure that your goals aren’t overly broad as well. If you’re new to goal-setting altogether, start with very simple, easy tasks to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.
    • For instance, if you don’t have the money to travel this year, don’t set a goal that you’re going to visit most of the countries in Europe. If you do have the money to travel, state exactly which countries you’ll be visiting and for how long.
    • If goal-setting is new to you, start with something simple like, I will save an extra 1000rupees this week.
  4. Try new things and prove to yourself how strong and adaptable you are. Facing challenges and any fears you may have will help you overcome any anxiety you might feel about taking on larger goals. Think of challenges as accessories and reward your efforts whether you meet them or not.
    • For example, a good, simple challenge might be to go an entire day without your smartphone or social media. There’s nothing at stake, per se, but proving to yourself that you can do it will make you feel a sense of accomplishment.
    • To help you try new things and meet challenges, visualize yourself doing the action you’d like to complete (like skiing or singing in front of an audience).
  5. Examine your values. Your values will guide your interests and behaviors, so it’s worth taking some time to figure out what they are. To help you identify your core values, make a list of those characteristics you find important, such as freedom, power, helpfulness, and integrity. Try to prioritize the list. This will help you come up with your core personal values.
    • Your values may change over time. Your list won’t remain static, and that’s fine. The point is to check in with yourself and clarify your values. You can do this exercise any time to help you with that process.
    • If you are struggling to come up with a list on your own, you can look for one online to help get you started.
  6. Meditate. Do you know all that chaos in your head? The running thoughts, the worries, the pointless mental wanderings? Meditation, even just 10 to 15 minutes a day, can help clear your mind and focus your energy. And it’s 15 minutes to relax! Why not give it a shot? There are even guided meditation apps like Timer and Headspace you can use to get you going.
    • It’ll be so much easier to budget your time when your head is clear and you’ve destressed. A little meditation can get rid of all that noise and pressure that we all have in the day-to-day. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it you could be surprised by just how effective it is for you!
    • Alright, not a meditation fan? Then try yoga. Not only will you burn 5 calories a minute, but you’ll get that same feeling as you would in meditation. That mental sigh of relief or breath of fresh air now that’s life improvement!
  7. Come above your comfort zone: Next, the journey moves to the comfort zone. One should always look forward to working hard, leaving back all the comfort zones. If a farmer does not work hard, he will never be able to suppress the hunger of the people around the globe. So, one should work hard leaving back all the comforts. The hardships done leaving back the comfort will always result in fruitful success with a sweet taste of life. Also, leaving back the costly and vintage comfort will make you strong enough to face every twist of life.
  8. Write a letter to your future: We often decide on a platform, which we will be obtained after some years, so how about writing a letter to the future self? It is an adventurous task because while writing, to the future self, an individual will have to account for all the ideal qualities that an individual wants to have in him. Thus, resulting in an inspiration to improve that particular level of personality.
  9. Commitment to growth: One should always look forward to commitment, which is a part of self-improvement programs. A commitment reflects the changes that we are ready to absorb in our life, it may be to follow a fixed schedule or to give time to things that please you and keeps you happy. Keeping your soul happy will build a happy personality whose company keeps the surrounding environment happy. Thus, commitment also lays numerous effects on self-improvement.

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Self-improvement is all about making the amazing you a little bit better. The opportunity to grow in life allows us to feel a sense of fulfillment and excitement as we experience new things in life. After all, life would begin to become dull without improving yourself. So take advantage of all the spectacular things this planet has to offer and live your life to the fullest. So, what will you be doing to stretch yourself next?

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